About us

About Starrlight Jewelry -&- Designs Animal Rescue Boutique
 This home business was founded as to help my family finance the orphan,
stray, feral and sick felines and other animals that we care for.
Right now I am providing long term placement for cats, fish, amphibians, and wild birds. We are also foster parents for cats, kittens and birds.
We are not a 'registered 501c' but work closely with and volunteer our time,
home and resources for many that are.
What turned into aid also turned into passion.
 In the following years I have found great satisfaction in using my beading skills to not only help the animals we care for but many others world wide.
I donate jewelry, shop gift certificates, home decor items and more to aid animal
charities and children's cancer research centers every year.
While I myself am not a non profit organization, I work closely with many that are.
Currently I am running a promo every other month to donate 50% of shop sales placed through my web-store to animal sanctuaries in need, both local and worldwide.
I have also started tabling local craft fairs and vendor events to sell jewelry so that a portion of the sales can be donated to a specific no kill non profit animal shelter or non profit rehabilitation center.

Caring for animals and helping those who care for animals is the purpose of Starrlight Jewelry -&- Designs.
If I could get beads for free I would work strictly doing donations.

Shop With Pride
Not only do ALL of my product sales help animals, they are also sourced to help people. As a compassionate woman I try to source all my beads, charms and findings from companies that have humane standards for their workers. I do not buy from slave labor factories at all.

Founded And History
Starrlight Jewelry (& Designs) Was founded online in May of 2004,
though I have been working as a small jewelry business since 1998 when I would sit in 4th Coast Cafe  making and selling Kandy Bracelets.

Why Buy From Starrlight Jewelry?
All sales made through Starrlight Jewelry help thousands of animals, world wide
We use our sales, stock and products to help animal welfare groups,
animal guardians/shelters, and children's hospital animal visiting programs.

We ship world wide and we do not overcharge for shipping
our international packages have the shipping cost printed on them

All packages are shipped with tracking & confirmation

All sales are 100% private and processed securely through paypal

Buying from small businesses helps stabilize the global economy

Great customer service and satisfaction ratings

All packages include a thank you note and *free* gift
typically each free gift is personalized and made to suit the items ordered

Free repair or product replacement
in the event of something unfortunate happening to your order

Family Friendly Business
I understand that customers purchase items to mail to loved ones, family members
and friends. I run a family friendly business and no packages will ever contain adult, gory, and other such materials.

Unlike many other goth/styling jewelry designers I do not believe that animals should be tortured, abused, and/or slaughtered in the name of adornment.
All my items are animal product free.