Dragons Eye Amulet Adjustable Silver Ring 12 Color/Eye Choices

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Dragon Jewelry - Dragon Accessories - Dragon Eye Adjustable Ring - Handmade.
HERE BE DRAGONS! I enjoy creating dragon and dragon themed jewelry and decor items. The dragons eyes are part of my new additions.
These rings are made as ordered so you are welcome to choose a different dragons eye for your ring!

1. Emerald Dragon
2. Red Dragon
3. Fairy Dragon Teal
4. Gold Dragon
5. Green Dragon
6. Fairy Dragon Pink
7. Fairy Dragon Purple
8. Blue Dragon
9. Sea Dragon
10. Sun Dragon
11. Copper Dragon
12. Black Dragon

Composed Of: silver plated brass ring base, handmade glass eye cameo, sold and resin.

Measurements: about 1.5 inches tall (45mm)

* Hand Made In Hawaii to help cats & animals in need.
* Shipping Charges are $3.60 domestic | $10 international | Combined shipping is no additional charge.
* Like all jewelry in my shop this creation is 100% hypoallergenic. As a woman with severe skin allergies I refuse to use crafting materials that contain lead, nickel, zinc and latex.
* Colors may change due to screen settings.