Gothic Steam Punk Filigree Finger Armor Nail Tip - Claw

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Filigree Finger armor nail tips / metal claws. Great for Halloween, cos play, or dressing up for an evening out.  These are very light-weight and comfortable. The bottom filigree is thin and makes for easy adjustments.

* These are still jewelry and still need to be treated with care. Not intended for children! The black ones are hand painted and take additional time to create.

*Price is Per Tip / $7each

Composed Of : copper plated brass filigree, brass filigree, solder and resin.

Measurements : one size fits all to a point.  Slightly under 2 inches long.

* Hand Made In Hawaii to help cats & animals in need.
* Shipping Charges are $3.60 domestic | $10 international | Combined shipping is no additional charge.
* Like all jewelry in my shop this creation is 100% hypoallergenic. As a woman with severe skin allergies I refuse to use crafting materials that contain lead, nickel, zinc and latex.
* Colors may change due to screen settings.

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