Vintage Filigree Silver Star Earrings

  • $10.00

Long and lovely, these earrings a a bit heavier and longer than my standard designs but are lovely none the less. The brass pieces are reclaimed from older earrings (possibly vintage) so this is my only pair.

Composed Of : brass chandeliers, silver plated brass stars, surgical stainless steel earring wires.

Measurements :  Earring length is 4inches/10.16cm

* Hand Made In Hawaii to help cats & animals in need.
* Shipping Charges are $3.60 domestic | $10 international | Combined shipping is no additional charge.
* Like all jewelry in my shop this creation is 100% hypoallergenic. As a woman with severe skin allergies I refuse to use crafting materials that contain lead, nickel, zinc and latex.
* Colors may change due to screen settings.