Starrlight Jewelry Shipping Charges & Policies
 ALL packages are shipped via USPS.

Your delivery confirmation numbers will be emailed to your paypal/payment email address.

Time sensitive orders can be expedited. Please contact me if you need your order by a certain date.

Shipping Charges: Additional money is charged over the 'cost to ship' and used to help cover the costs of printer ink, paper, card stock envelops, bubble wrap, bubble mailers, tape, and more.
*PLEASE NOTE:  all international national packages are marked as "merchandise" It is illegal for me to mark them as 'gifts'. All international purchasers/customers are responsible for paying their countries taxes and duties on their purchases.

United States & Territories Shipping
First Class for US with Delivery confirmation: $4.00
Priority Mail/3 day rate: $8.75
(shipped in a bubble wrap mailer)
- combined shipping is free for all US orders-

International Shipping
First Class To Canada: $10
First Class International with delivery confirmation: $15
(shipped in a cardboard box inside bubble wrap mailer)
-combined shipping is free for all international orders-

Shipping Times
Sometimes I mass print shipping labels:
and you will get you shipping label notification even before your order is ready to ship.  Notification from paypal is not necessarily the day it gets picked up.

What is the weather like where you live?
Please remember that storms, blizzards, deep snow, floods, sleet, hurricanes and other types of weather cause serious delays to your packages being delivered.

Many packages are not always scanned on pick up.
There are times that I hand the mail carrier a garbage bag full of packages or the out going mail box is emptied and the packages do not get scanned until they reach one of the sorting centers. It has happened that packages are not even scanned until they reach LA or when they are being delivered to the finial destination.

Your tracking numbers are not working?
Give it a few days (or a week if it is near Christmas) and they should be updated shortly. Please remember that the post office treats flat rate a lot differently than Priority mail and they do not process them, update them, and move them as fast as they do priority mail packages.

 The usps also reserves the right to send flat rate packages to/from Hawaii via cargo ships across the ocean. Sorry.